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I was recently asked to try out the new eSalon hair color and review it.  I have colored my hair for over 10 years thanks to premature graying in my genes.  I am always looking for a color product that isn’t harsh on my hair or turns it some weird color.  You see… I have a BAD history of getting all kinds of crazy colors from hair color.  You just never know how my hair will take it.  Once I find one that I am happy with, I tend to stick with it unless I have a really good reason to change.

What makes eSalon so awesome is that they deliver your custom hair color straight to your door.  No need to head to the drug store or beauty supply to pick it up.  They also custom mix the color for you.  You can tell them exactly what you want and even send them a picture so they know where you are starting from.  It is totally personalized and made just for you.   This was the box of goodies that I received.  I ordered several additional items so I received a larger box.

eSalon Review | www.shariblogs.com

If you just order the hair color, your box will look like this…

eSalon Review | www.shariblogs.com

As you can see, it comes with personalized instructions.  I think that is pretty cool. Just adds to the whole experience.
eSalon Review | www.shariblogs.com

As you can see below, I asked for a light ash brown color.  My hair tends to pull the reddish tones so I always go to an ash undertone.  It keeps my color from turning brassy as it fades.

eSalon Review | www.shariblogs.com

Inside your kit you will get the following items:

  • Hair Color
  • Developer
  • Color Safe Shampoo
  • Color Safe Conditioner
  • An Applicator Brush
  • Stain Guard
  • Non-Latex Gloves

eSalon Review | www.shariblogs.com

The stain guard is really awesome to have.  I always put vaseline around my hairline and on my ears to help prevent staining.  However, it never fails that I somehow get a swipe of color across my cheek or somewhere that I didn’t prep.  Stain guard is a little towelette that you just wipe all over to remove color.  You can also rub it along your hairline and ears before coloring to help prevent any staining.  Very nice product.

The shampoo and conditioner worked really well to keep my hair clean, but not dried out at all.  I liked them, but haven’t decided if I will order these again or just continue to use my previous products.

As for the hair color process.  I found it pretty easy to use.  They recommend that you part your hair into four sections.  Then you use the brush to color all of your root areas well.  It was definitely a little harder to get the back sections but it was ok.  The hair color did really well.  I did note that my gray hairs started showing back up faster with this hair color but that might have been because I didn’t apply it very well.  It was my first time using a brush to apply my color so I haven’t quite mastered that yet. It did leave my hair shiny and very soft.  Many boxed colors leave my hair feeling very dry and starved for moisture.  I didn’t feel this way at all with this color. Would I recommend it?  Absolutely. The whole personalized experience is really unique and cool.

Here is my color.  This is about two weeks after I colored it so it had lightened up just a tad but not much.  I really like the color.


I do have to say that I was even more excited about the extra products that I purchased than I was the hair color.  I found some definite new favorites!

Here are three of the extras that I ordered. They were a larger bottle of the Color Safe Conditioner, the Perfect Ending Leave In Conditioner and the Shining Armor Renewing Treatment Oil.

eSalon Review | www.shariblogs.com

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE LOVE that Perfect Ending Leave In Conditioner.  It smells soooo good.  I have so many people tell me how great my hair smells.  I love how soft it leaves my hair too!  I will definitely be buying this stuff again when it runs out.

I also liked the Shining Armor Renewing Treatment Oil a lot.  It really helped to make my hair shine without that greasy film on it.  You do have to be careful not to apply too much or you will look a bit oily!  This stuff does a great job at making the dried ends of my hair look healthy and smooth.  I really liked this one a lot too.

The last extra that I bought was the Color Kiss Color Touch Up Cream.  Oh my gosh do I LOVE this stuff.  Seriously.  It is awesome!  It looks like a little tube of mascara but it is filled with a temporary hair color.  When my roots start growing out, I just apply a little of this on them and they look freshly colored and beautiful like the rest of my hair.  It just washes out with my next shampoo. This easily extends my need to color my hair by about 2-3 weeks.  LOVE it!!  I will most definitely be ordering more of this when it runs out.  I can’t recommend it enough.  I obviously got mine in the coordinating shade to my hair color.

eSalon Review | www.shariblogs.com

One of the real cool features about eSalon.com is that you can keep your credit card on file and if use the same color each time, they will automatically send you your hair color every 8 weeks or whatever you specify.  How cool is that?

Right now you can go to their web site and try it at 50% off!  So you can get your own custom mixed hair color for just $10.  It is definitely worth it to give it a try!

Disclosure: I was given this product from BzzAgent and eSalon to try out free.  However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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