School Supply Organization

Hey friends!  I am here to share my school supply organization with you.  I actually did something similar a few years ago on our laundry room door, but it was too far away from the main areas that we do homework. Therefore, it didn’t work as well as I would have liked.  This time, I put it on our entryway closet door which happens to sit right in the middle of our dining room and family room which is where the kids do their homework! It is perfect now and everyone knows where to go when they need something to complete an assignment.

All you need is an over the door shoe organizer.  This was under $10 at Walmart.  Super cheap and easy.

School Supply Organization |

Here are some close ups so you can see how I organized everything. Not rocket science but I LOVE good organization!

School Supply Organization |

I also found out that we are pretty stocked up on certain supplies so I definitely don’t need to pick up any more highlighters or pens.

School Supply Organization |

I somehow managed to miss photographing a close up of the pen row but you can see it in that picture at the top.  Lots and lots of pens! 😉

School Supply Organization |

Don’t colorful sharpies just make you happy??!!  They do me.  You can certainly never have too many black sharpies laying around either.   I always joke with Eric that the way to my heart is through stationery.  I LOVE colored pens and lots of different kinds of paper.  Oh, but the paper has to be sssmmmoooooootttthhhh to write on.   Remind me not to go buying fifty rolls of tape this Christmas.  Apparently I went a little crazy buying it last  year!

School Supply Organization |

Somehow all of the blue and green Crayola markers have disappeared. Very weird.  Oh, and the angels were singing around here when I found the stapler!!  We actually have several but haven’t been able to locate any of them.  Now let’s hope they keep this one where it belongs so it doesn’t disappear again!

School Supply Organization |

Like I said, super easy but it keeps everything centrally located and easy for everyone to find what they need.   I love being able to see what we do need to buy and what we don’t!!

My Beautifully Organized Fridge

The kids were out of school today so we stayed in and messed around.  They spent most of it playing games, while I cleaned around them.  It feels so good.  I don’t get nearly as much done during the week as I plan to.

One of the things on my list today was my fridge.  It wasn’t in bad shape as I have been cleaning it out good once a month already.  However, I knew it wasn’t configured in a way that we were getting maximum use of the space.  So, I moved some things around.  I added back a shelf that we had originally taken out.  I think this is going to work better.  We will see.

Here is my beautiful fridge.  I love her… seriously.  I just think she is so pretty and stately in my kitchen.  We have had her a couple years but I still baby her like she’s new.  Winking smile

my fridge - love

Here’s the inside. Looking at this, we look like pretty thirsty people, huh?

organized fridge 1

Just a little close up of our yummy beverages.  Vitamin waters are Logan’s.  Sunny D’s are Kendall’s.  Coke Zero’s are all mine!  Vanilla coke’s are Eric’s  Then below that are a few more that all the kids drink.  Well, the Orange Crush is Noah’s fav so no one touches that but him.   organized fridge 2

Here’s the door to the right.  I had all the drinks in there, but decided it would work better to do condiments there because the drinks never seem to get cold enough in the door.

organized fridge door

We all like a different BBQ sauce, so we have quite a few of those. Those on the front left are from Sonny’s BBQ.  SUPER YUMMY.  I grew up on Sonny’s and have passed down my love for it to my kids.

organized fridge door 2

Here’s a look into the drawer.  Can you tell that I have been in a full baking mode lately?  Look at all that butter.  It’s two rows deep and plenty of cream cheese in there too.  Oh… and see that Laughing Cow cheese all the way to the right?  Have you tried it?  It’s really good.  I like it on regular Ritz crackers, as well as the Sour Cream and Onion Ritz Chips.  I am starting to get hungry now!

organized fridge drawer

Here’s another one of the drawers.  This drawer stays FILLED with cinnamon rolls and biscuits.  Kendall has one or the other just about everyday for breakfast.  We also like making donuts out of the biscuits.  Have you done that?  SURELY you have.

organized fridge drawer 2

Another shelf in the fridge.  The applesauce and yogurts on the right are for school lunches.  The tray with the bacon is normally filled with school lunch goodies too.  I am just out right now and need to go restock!

organized fridge 3

This is the door to the left.  We have always LOVED having water and ice in the door, but this time I really wish we had done without it and had the extra room for storage in the door.  Sad smile Oh well.

organized fridge door 3

But, it sure is pretty, isn’t it?

my fridge 3

Since this blog is about keeping it real… here is a picture of the freezer which I didn’t organize today. I need to try to use up some of this stuff.  Since I have been cooking lots of things from scratch I haven’t been using this stuff in the freezer at all.  Usually the kids raid the freezer on the weekends though so it won’t stay full long.

freezer 1

Here’s the top shelf in the freezer.

freezer 2

I always get emails asking what I use to clean my stainless appliances.  Believe me, I have tried just about everything that’s out there.  No matter what the products claimed, I always had streaks and just never liked it.  Then I came across these stainless steel wipes.  OH MY GOODNESS.  They are the BOMB!!!  The trick is to thoroughly wipe your stainless with one of these wipes, then just run over the stainless with a microfiber cloth.  It will look brand new with NO streaks whatsoever.  It’s AWESOME!

stainless cleaner

There you go.  That was one of my big projects for today and it feels so good to have it done.  Now we will just have to see how long it stays this way.  My bet… maybe 24 hours!  Winking smile

Oh… and see that pic of the wipes above.  We are redoing that area of the kitchen and hope to have it done by the end of the month.  I can’t wait to see it all come together.

What projects are you working on around your house??

An Organized Spice Cabinet

I am still slowly but surely working to become more organized around here.  It is a never ending process.  Once I think I have the right method down, I find something better.  Oh well.  As long as we are improving, right??

Yesterday, I tackled a couple projects.  The first one I thought I would share with you is my spice cabinet.  I wish I had taken a before picture.  The bottom shelf was already pretty organized, but I had added A LOT more spices and they were all in a big mess on the second shelf.  And some in front of everything on the first shelf.  It wasn’t real pretty and was getting hard to find things in there.

Now it looks nice.  🙂  Here is the first shelf –


Did you notice they are in alphabetical order too?  🙂

Here is the second shelf –


Notice all my McCormicks seasonings above?  Eric thought I was nuts for buying so many, but we use LOTS of seasonings and they were on sale for $1 each.  How could I resist??  They are good too!

Let’s take a closer look at my organizational awesomeness.  ha! ha!SB1_8524

Here is the whole cabinet in all it’s glory.


I have to admit though, it isn’t finished.  You see… I really want to buy some empty spice jars to replace all of those ugly red/white Kroger can spice containers.  They take up so much room.  I can’t resist buying them though because they are a lot cheaper than the jarred ones.

We have been trying out lots of new recipes lately, hence the addition of many new spices, so I will be posting my review of those soon!